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SITUATION: These hardy, tuberous plants are very adaptable and will grow in almost any garden position. The soil should be deeply dug to ensure good drainage and well rotted animal manure worked through.
TIME OF PLANTING: February to May. Plant so that the top of the tubers are 6-8cm under the soil surface. Space plants 40-60cm apart. After planting, keep soil moist but not too wet.

WHILE GROWING: Apart from normal watering, no other special treatment is necessary. Slugs and snails sometimes attack, if so spread some snail pellets as a preventative. When flowering, thrip may attack, so spray with an insecticide when necessary.
DIGGING AND STORING: Alstroemerias are best left undisturbed for several years. Top dress with well rotted animal manure in late autumn or winter. If you wish to dig the clumps, this should be done in early autumn. Carefully dig deeply around each clump, lift out and shake off all dirt. They can then be divided into a number of separate tubers. Indeed, a well established clump can be separated into 15-20 good sized tubers! If unable to replant, they can be placed in a polythene bag and stored in the crisper tray of your refrigerator, or alternatively, store in a moist peat or sphagnum moss.

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