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Ranunculus corms. Anemone corms.
Ranunculus  Anemones

SITUATION: Sunny and well drained. For best results, the soil must be very rich and should be prepared several weeks before planting using liberal quantities of animal manure or blood and one.

TIME OF PLANTING: March to May in a moist soil. Plant 5cm deep with the point of the corm downwards for Anemones and spike downwards for Ranunculi. Space Anemones 12-15cm apart and Ranunculi 15-20cm apart.

WHILE GROWING: Keep moist after planting. When established, the plants will benefit from a top dressing of superphosphate or liquid manure. The Tecelote strain of Ranunculi, particularly, require a heavy top dressing to help produce fully double blooms.

DIGGING & STORING: The corms can be left in the ground, however they deteriorate after 2-3 years and should then be replaced with fresh corms. For optimum results, fresh corms should be planted each year. If digging, this should be done when the foliage has died. Allow to dry and then clean off stalks and store corms in a dry, airy position.


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