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ORNITHOGALUM SPECIES—Arab’s Eye & Chincherinchees

SITUATION: Sunny and well drained positions are best. As with most other bulbs, prepare the soil several weeks before planting by working through some well rotted organic matter or a balanced commercial fertiliser. Chincherinchees require protection from frost.
Chincherinchee bulb Arab's Eye bulb
Chincherinchees Arab's Eye

TIME OF PLANTING: March to May. Plant 5-7cm deep and space 10-20cm apart.

WHILE GROWING: Water regularly during the growing season, but avoid waterlogging. Watch for thrips when flowering and spray to control if necessary.

DIGGING & STORING: Can be left undisturbed for many years. If necessary, they can be dug in early summer after the foliage has died down and stored in a dry, airy position.


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