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SITUATION: A rich, well-drained position in full sunlight. Prepare the soil a few weeks prior to planting using blood and bone or a complete fertiliser high in potash (potash helps promote flowering).

TIME OF PLANTING: June to September. Space plants 1.2 to 1.5 metres apart.

GENERAL CARE: Keep plants moist, mulching around the base. Once mature, the perennial plants are hardy and tough. When plants begin yellowing in winter, cut stems back and top dress with fertiliser. It is best to remove any flower heads in the first year, as this will allow the plants to establish and become stronger. Pick the flowers before they begin to open, leaving a few centimetres of stem.
DIGGING AND STORING: Best left undisturbed for many years. Lateral suckers can be carefully separated from the main plant in winter. Trim roots and any woody leaves before replanting. Store in a moist peat or sphagnum moss if unable to replant immediately.


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