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SITUATION: A sunny position in a well drained soil. To maximise tuber production, prepare soil with a fertiliser that is not too high in nitrogen, otherwise foliage will grow vigorously and reduce the yield of tubers.
Jerusalem Artichokes
Jerusalem Artichokes

TIME OF PLANTING: July to September. Plant 8-10cm deep and space 25cm apart.

GENERAL CARE: No special treatment necessary. The sunflower-like flowers can be used as a cutflower, although to increase tuber production, they can be removed at bud stage. Tubers are harvested around 4-6 weeks after flowering, or late autumn to early winter. They can be dug when needed.

DIGGING AND STORING: Tubers can be left in the ground but it is considered best to grow them as an annual. They can be lifted late autumn or winter. Tubers can be divided by cutting into smaller sections, making sure each one has a growing eye. The tubers can be stored in moist peat moss or sand. Or alternatively, in the crisper of your refrigerator. Check them regularly as they do not always store well for long periods.


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