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SITUATION: Can be grown in full sun, semi-shaded positions or under deciduous trees. Excellent for borders or clumps and best left undisturbed to naturalise.

TIME OF PLANTING: Late summer and autumn. Plant with necks at or just below the soil surface. Space 30-35cm apart. Bulbs may take two seasons to flower as they do not like to be disturbed.

WHILE GROWING: No special treatment is necessary. Some well rotted organic matter or compost spread over the growing area each year will help to feed the bulbs. Flowers will appear on long stems before the foliage. The stalks can be removed when flowers have finished. The foliage appears during winter and this should be left to die off naturally.

DIGGING & STORING: Not necessary. If bulbs must be dug, this should be done when dormant after flowering. They can be replanted immediately or stored in a dry position.


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