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BRAMBLES—Thornless Blackberries, Boysenberries, Thornless Loganberries & Thornless Youngberries
Brambleberry plants 
Brambleberry plants

SITUATION: These berries are more adaptable to warmer climates provided the winter months are cool. Plants should be protected from hot winds. They will grow in almost any well drained soil and are gross feeders. Apply generous amounts of well rotted organic matter or compost before planting. Top dress with some complete fertiliser (N:P:K) in late spring.

TIME OF PLANTING: During winter months when plants are  dormant. Space plants 150cm apart.

PRUNING: In late autumn or winter, canes that have fruited should be cut off just above the ground. During the next season allow three or four of the strongest canes to develop and tie them to the trellis when tall enough.

GENERAL CARE: Water well during warmer months. Pests such as aphids, thrips and caterpillars can be controlled with a pyrethrum based insecticide. Should any fungal diseases affect the plants, spray with a suitable fungicide. When fruit is ripening watch for invading birds!


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