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SITUATION: Sunny and well drained positions are best. Scilla and Grape Hyacinths are also suitable for shady positions. As with most other bulbs, prepare the soil about a month before planting by working through some well rotted organic matter or a balanced commercial fertiliser. Spring Starflowers and Grape Hyacinths are also excellent for pots. In regions where prolonged heavy frosts are experienced, Freesias, Ixias, Sparaxis and Tritonias should be grown in a sheltered position.

TIME OF PLANTING: March to May in a moist soil. Plant 5-7cm deep and space 6-10cm apart, except for Scilla, which should be planted about 8-10cm deep and 10cm apart.

WHILE GROWING: All of these plants are easily grown and apart from regular watering during the growing season, no other special treatment is necessary.

DIGGING & STORING: These can all be left in the ground for many years and all will multiply. Sparaxis, Grape Hyacinths and Spring Starflowers particularly, are rapid multipliers so plant where they can be easily controlled. Bulbs can be dug after the foliage has died right down. Store in a dry, airy position. When bulbs have been left in the ground, top dress with some fertiliser each autumn.


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