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SITUATION: A sunny position is most suitable, with some protection from strong winds. They need a well drained, friable soil that has been prepared using well-rotted animal manure or other organic matter. Do not use too much animal manure, or they will produce more leaves rather than flowers.

TIME OF PLANTING: September to November. Plant with growing eyes uppermost and cover with 5-7 cm of soil, spacing tubers 60-100 cm apart.

WHILE GROWING: Slugs and snails sometimes attack. If so, spread some snail pellets as a preventative. Top dress with fertiliser once or twice during the growing season and water in thoroughly. Staking may be necessary to prevent plants from falling over. In drier months, water plants regularly. Dahlias like to be picked, and this will produce flowers for a longer period. Pick flowers at a cool time of the day and dip stems in hot water for about 15 seconds before placing in a vase.

DIGGING AND STORING: Dahlias can be left undisturbed for several years. Clumps can be lifted when foliage has completely died down. Split them into smaller parts with one or two tubers attached, leaving some old stem on each of the tubers. Store in a cool place with some moist peat moss scattered over the top of the tubers.


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