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SITUATION: Plant corms in a sunny, well manured position using any rotted animal manure or compost as this can increase the quality of the flowers greatly. Work the manure through the soil 4- 6 weeks before planting, digging deeply to ensure good drainage.
Gladioli corms.
TIME OF PLANTING: June to December in Victoria. Earlier plantings can be undertaken in warmer areas. Plant 10-12 cm deep and space 12-18 cm apart.

WHILE GROWING: At the 4th or 5th leaf stage, a light top dressing can be added. Fungal diseases can be controlled by spraying with a suitable fungicide. Thrips – minute black insects – can greatly affect the growth of Gladioli when they attack. Control these by spraying regularly with an insecticide. Watering is needed in hot weather, especially when flowers start to show as quite often heat can give a burning effect on the flowers.

DIGGING AND STORING: Corms can be dug 4-6 weeks after flowering. After digging, spread bulbs to dry and when dry remove any old corm, roots and cormlets. Store corms and cormlets in a cool, airy place and dust with an insecticide. Cormlets will flower in their second season. While Gladioli can be left in the ground for several seasons, we recommend lifting each year. When left in, you risk losing that special colour, as only the strongest survive and multiply hence the common (untrue) belief of Gladioli reverting to white or any other single colour.


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