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SITUATION: Gooseberries will grow in almost any soil but generally prefer moist, well drained positions in a cool to cold climate. Fertilise with an N:P:K mix and some Dynamic Lifter or similar. In spring add some nitrogen based fertiliser to enhance growth.
Gooseberry plant.
Gooseberry plant

TIME OF PLANTING: During winter months when plants are dormant. Space plants about 1 metre apart. Plants will grow to a height of about 1 metre.

PRUNING: Each winter, prune back three or four of the strongest  branches to about half their length. Shorten the strongest side shoots to about 8 cm and remove weakest shoots completely. Any hanging branches can be pruned back to an upright shoot.

GENERAL CARE: Water well during warmer months. If the red  margins on the leaves become a yellow colour, this indicates a magnesium deficiency. To overcome this, apply one tablespoon of magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) around each plant and water in. Spray with carbaryl to control against caterpillars if necessary. Spray with a fungicide if fungal diseases become evident.


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