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♦ Never place fresh manure directly under the bulbs as this can burn roots. Always work manure     through the soil thoroughly a few weeks in advance of planting.

♦ Most bulbs need a well drained soil, but in very dry areas where water is scarce, this of course in not entirely necessary.

♦ When flowers are picked for indoor decoration, be sure to leave at least several leaves on the plant. It is important to allow foliage to die down naturally, as most bulbs (particularly Daffodils, Hyacinths and Tulips) feed off the dying foliage in order to produce flowers again the following season.

♦ For greater effect, plant bulbs in groups rather than scattering over a wide area.

♦ When handling or spraying garden chemicals (fungicides, insecticides, weedicides), exercise extreme caution. Always read the manufacturer’s directions carefully before using. Store chemicals out of reach of children.


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