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SITUATION: Sunny and well drained. Soil is best prepared a few months before planting. Avoid using manure which is rich in nitrogen, as too much of this tends to lower the storage value of the bulbs.
Golden Shallot bulbs. Red Shallot bulbs.
Golden Shallots  Red Shallots 

TIME OF PLANTING: May to December. In cooler areas, plant August to November for best results. Shallots should be planted just below the soil surface and spaced 15-20cm apart. Plant Tree Onions about 3cm deep and space the same distance apart.

WHILE GROWING: Water during dry spells and keep free of weeds.

DIGGING & STORING: Bulbs should be dug when the tops begin to fall over. A good clump of bulbs will have developed by this time. If left in too long they may begin a second growth and bulb size will decrease markedly. When dug, allow to dry and then clean and separate bulbs. Store in a cool, dry place or hang up in open-weave bags. Shallots and Tree Onions will keep for up to 12 months. With Tree Onions, either the top bulblets or base bulbs can be replanted.


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