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SITUATION: Strawberries prefer a sunny position with good drainage. Fowl or other organic manure should be worked through the soil thoroughly before planting.
Strawberry plants.
Strawberry plants

TIME OF PLANTING: June to September. Plant 35-45 cm apart and keep the crowns at surface level. An alternative method of planting is to raise the soil onto beds about 15 cm high and cover with polythene sheeting. Holes are then cut in the polythene every 35-40 cm into which the strawberries are planted. This method saves the task of weeding, and the fruit will come earlier and be cleaner with less rot. To enable rain to penetrate the bed, use a fork to make a row of holes along the centre of the polythene sheet.

WHILE GROWING: Keep area free of weeds. Water regularly when necessary. Top dress with some liquid manure when flowering commences. Strawberries can be left in from one to four years. Any runners which develop are best removed, however they can also be left to grow alongside the original plants if desired. Top dress with fertiliser each winter.


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