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SITUATION: A sunny or semi-shaded position in a well manured soil with good drainage prepared in the same way as for Tulips several weeks before planting.
Hyacinth bulbs.
Hyacinth bulbs

TIME OF PLANTING: April and May are the best months to plant. Hyacinths like a fairly cool, moist soil. Plant 10-15cm deep and similar distance apart.

WHILE GROWING: Slugs and snails sometimes attack. If so, spread some snail pellets as a preventative. Watering should continue after flowering until the foliage begins to turn yellow.

FORCING HYACINTHS IN A GLASS: To grow Hyacinths in this fascinating way, you will need to select a glass or jar with a rim diameter of 25-30mm and depth of at least 8cm. If not available, an old cream bottle or wine carafe will suffice. Fill the glass or bottle with water and place the bulbs on the top. The water level should come to within 3mm of the bulb. It is necessary to keep up this water level. To add more water, move the bulb a little to one side. Never take the bulbs out of the glass or bottle as it may cause damage to the roots. Place the glass in a dark and cool position and cover with a paper bag to ensure complete darkness. When the shoot is about 6cm long, gradually bring the glass back into the light over a period of 3-5 days and then place in a warm position in full light for flowers to bloom.

*** For details on growing Hyacinths in pots, see section on “GROWING BULBS IN POTS FOR INDOORS”.

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