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SITUATION: A well drained position out in full sunlight. Paeonies do not like to be disturbed and may take more than one season before they are established enough to flower. They like a rich soil, so plenty of well-rotted animal manure, blood and bone or similar should be worked through the soil before planting. An application of dolomite lime is also beneficial. Best grown in areas with cool to cold winters.
Paeony Rose plant.
Paeony Rose plants

TIME OF PLANTING: June to August. Plant with the shoots pointing upwards making sure that 1-3 cm of soil covers the shoots. Space plants 45-60 cm apart.

GENERAL CARE: Slugs or snails may attack young shoots so control these if necessary. Water well in dry weather. Watch for thrips when flower buds appear and spray with an insecticide if necessary. Each year in late April and again in late November, top dress with about 250g each of dolomite, blood and bone and Organic Life plus a teaspoon of slow release fertiliser per square metre. Avoid artificial fertilisers that have a very high nitrogen content, as this will encourage more foliage rather than flowers.

DIGGING AND STORING: To ensure good growth and maximum flowers, leave undisturbed for many years. If necessary, clumps can be lifted and divided after 3 or 4 years. This is best done between May and July. Store in a moist peat or sphagnum moss if unable to replant immediately.


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