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SITUATION: Rhubarb adapts very well to all climatic zones and most soils with good drainage. It can be grown in either sunny or semi-shaded positions. They are gross feeders and beds should be
Rhubarb crowns.
Rhubarb crowns
 prepared by working through liberal quantities of well-rotted organic manure or a balanced commercial fertiliser.

TIME OF PLANTING: June to August. Plant with the top of the crown just above the surface and space 40-50 cm apart.

GENERAL CARE: Water regularly. During the main cropping season (spring until autumn), top dress with some liquid feed or nitrogen based fertiliser every 5-6 weeks. To pick stalks, hold the lower part and pull cleanly from the plant. Always pick outside stalks first, and leave the young centre stalks to promote more growth. When picked, cut the leaves off the stalks as these cannot be used. Any flowering stems that appear should be cut off, so that this energy is diverted into producing more stalks. Stalks will keep in the crisper tray of your refrigerator for 1-2 weeks, but are best cooked fresh. Store cooked rhubarb in jars in your refrigerator.

AFTER HARVESTING: Each year during winter, cultivate the soil around each plant and re-fertilise in preparation for spring growth. Rhubarb clumps should be lifted and divided every 3-4 years. This can be done during the winter months by cutting clumps into portions of one strong ‘crown’ and a substantial piece of root.


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