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SITUATION: A sunny, well drained position in cool areas or partly shaded position in warmer areas. While Tulip bulbs have a self-contained food supply to begin with, they do require some extra. Use in most cases fowl or cow manure, otherwise blood and bone or a balanced commercial fertiliser will do, and work into the soil about a month before planting.
Tulip bulbs.
Tulip bulbs

TIME OF PLANTING: Late April or May is the best time to plant. Tulips like a cool, moist soil but not too wet. In warm to hot climates, place the bulbs in the crisper of your refrigerator for a period of 4-8 weeks before planting. This will help them flower more successfully, however for best results we recommend fruit and vegetables should not be stored in the refrigerator at the same time as many of these produce an ethylene gas which affects the growing performance of the tulip bulbs. Plant 10-15cm deep and similar distances apart. In warmer areas cover with a mulch to help keep the soil cool.

WHILE GROWING: When established, spray with a suitable fungicide to protect against Botrytis. Watch for aphids. If they are present, spray with an insecticide.

DIGGING & STORING: After flowering, continue with regular watering if necessary. When the foliage begins to turn yellow about 6-8 weeks after flowering, dig the bulbs and dry in a warm, airy position. When dry, clean off soil and separate small bulbs. Store in open, airy trays, an old stocking or similar and dust with an insecticide to control aphids. It is important the Tulip bulbs be stored at temperatures around 16-23 deg C. between December and February as next seasons flower develops inside the bulb during this period. After this period they can be stored in a cooler position or placed in the refrigerator as described above. The mother bulbs will flower again next season while the smaller bulbs take about two seasons to flower.


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